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Sardine Tin Fish Product and Ways to Use Them

Sardine tin fish can be used just like canned tuna or mackerel; you can use the sardine for salad or sandwich. Tin fish like canned sardine packaged during canning process by choose the best and fresh sardine then they are distributed to the factory. To make sure the sardines are packed in its freshest condition, most of tin or canning facilities located in the nearest point of harvest so the sardines do not need to be frosted as much as possible. However, if the location of the facilities is far away from where the fish are caught then they need to be shipped properly while the sardines are in frosted condition. This is to prevent the spoilage of the fish.
Sardine tin fish product at grocery stores
Sardine tin fish product that being processed properly during canning process then exported and imported to various food markets and grocery stores. Sardines are packaged in sealed or airtight steel or aluminum cans heated under pressure at some temperatures to ensure the sterilization and to prevent the fish being contaminated by bacteria.
Sardines are good to be eaten fresh, frozen, and canned. They are a healthy fish that rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. If you do not like to use fresh or frozen sardines then you can always have an option to buy fillets or steaks that already been boneless and skinless, that’s also applied to canned sardine fish as well so you do not need to prepare the sardines any longer by removing the heads and the skins. However, some of sardine tin fish sold with the bones because they are the good source of more calcium intake. It is okay to eat the bones of canned sardines because due to the canning process, the bones are no longer hard and softer so they are edible and easy to be swallowed.
10 uses of sardine tin fish that you may not know yet
Sardine tin fish factory product can be used in various ways. Indeed they are tastiest when you use the fish for sardine salad or sandwich. Sardines can be baked, grilled, roasted, and pan fried too. But, here are 10 uses of sardine tin fish that you may not know yet:
1.      Believe it or not but you can use canned sardine as grease lamp. To applying it, you should purchase sardine tin fish in oil. However if you do not like the fishy smell, you can use empty sardine can/ tin and cooking oil.
2.      Sardines can be used as trap bait for some of omnivore animals such as raccoon due to their fishy smell.
3.      Canned sardines can be used as mini frying pan for backpacking cook set. You can even boil water in it.
4.      The can of sardines could be used as shelter smoker, just simply fill the can with red hot coals in large sardine tin.
5.      You can use the sardine can for a trap part by cut an ‘X’ on the can and after that secure it to a stake with some wire and put the can over a hole. If something step on the ‘X’ then they will get stuck.
6.      You can make a simple camp stove with canned sardine by pouring high proof alcohol in the can and then light it up.
7.      Yes, canned sardines can be used as emergency pet’s food. Even they are sardine tin fish product for pets such as for your cats.
8.      You can polish the can so it can have more shiny appearance as signal mirror.
9.      One of the best ways using canned sardines is of course as survival kit. They are cheap and come in a handy packaging to be brought anywhere and anytime.
10.  Last but not least, just like we already mentioned before. Sardines can be eaten and if you buy canned sardine, you can cook them into many healthy recipes for your diet too. It is recommended that you eat at least 2 or 3 servings of sea food full of protein and omega 3 fatty acids per week with moderate amount due to the high mercury content.
But do not worry; sardines are small in size so basically most of sardine tin fish products have low mercury, fats, and calories than other larger fish.

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