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Sardine in Tomato Sauce from Thailand Product

Sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand is famous to be exported worldwide. You can easily find them at food or grocery stores. Beside sardine packaged in tomato sauce, they are other sardine canned product options that you can buy such as sardine in water, sardine in mustard sauce, and so on. You can even buy sardine with extra seasonings or additional herbs which make the sardine flavor richer and stronger. Sardine canned such as the one with tomato sauce can be used for many recipes, although you can also eat them directly from the can, but you can try to make soup or even mix the sardines with noodles.

Why you need to eat sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand
Why you need to eat sardine? The answer is simple and maybe you already knew that sardines are one of the highest sources for omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Not to mention, they are packed with other essentials minerals and vitamins. That’s why; if you never eating sardine due to their strong smell or oily texture then it is the time you need to try consumes sardines. In fact, it is recommended that you eat 2 or 3 serving of sardines each week with moderate amount. This is needed to limit the methyl mercury content that you accidentally consumed when eating fish because most of fish just like sardines are contain mercury which can lead to unhealthy affects to our body.
Sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand product offers important and plenty of nutrition. Here some of the list of nutrition facts for you to get the picture (You need to eat 3 ounces of sardine only to get all these nutrition), such as:
·         11 grams of fat
·         190 calories]
·         338% vitamin B12
·         23 grams of protein
·         16% choline
·         61% omega-3 fats
·         87% selenium
·         30% vitamin B3
·         44% vitamin D
·         24% iodine
·         64% phosphorus
·         35% calcium
·         19% copper
With those nutrition packaged in one serving of sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand brands, you can get this beneficial health such as:
-          The high calcium and vitamin D content level support bones health
-          Reduce the risk of disease and inflammation
-          Sardines offer many essential vitamins and minerals
-          Sardines are low in fats and calories which is why they are good for weight loss diet
-          Defends against mood disorders such as anxiety and depression
-          When you eat sardines for weight lost diet, they can help to bring feeling full and thus will promote weight loss
-          Sardines can help to control sugar levels
Where to buy sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand best product?
Sardines, of course, best eating when fresh with those firm and oily texture. However, since fresh sardines are harder to get compared with canned fish that are available every year and anywhere, most of people tend to buy canned sardine more especially best sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand. To get sardine canned fish produced from Thailand, you can easy buying it at your trusted and nearest grocery stores or you can buy online if there are no stores that offer imported or exported product near you.
In the end, whatever brand that you want to buy, you should always check and compare the nutrition facts. Not all brands have the same nutrition value and for sardine in tomato sauce, they will have different value as well compared with sardine in oils and sardine in water. When buying sardine in tomato sauce, please take a note that due to the additional seasonings and herbs, they often bring more calories and fats, but they also bring more nutrition from the tomato and herbs that are added.
Before you buying the canned sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand, check whether there is any damaged on the cans like leaked or bulging lids. In addition, you also need to check the label to find how much sodium or salt available in the fish product to prevent over consumption of sodium. You can buy a canned sardine with “low in sodium” level. Moreover, since there are no insurance whether the imported sardine in tomato sauce from Thailand using BPA cans or not, you should also check the label for mentioned “BPA free”.

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