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Learn How to Make Frozen Tuna Fish Roe and Bottarga Sausage

Frozen tuna fish roe is a type of tuna fish product that you can find in the market. Even though it seems that this tuna fish roe product is not very popular, but actually it has really good taste. Furthermore, tuna fish roe is considered as a delicacy in several regions in the world, thus if you really want to have unique dish experience, then you might want to try to add the tuna fish roe as ingredient in your dish. But of course, you might want to know more information about this tuna fish product, thus let us learn more about it here.
What to Do to Make Frozen Tuna Fish Roe?
Tuna fish roe itself is actually female tuna fish egg which made into a tuna seafood product. Furthermore it is also considered as a good source of nutrient with good flavor which make this seawater fish product become more special. Since this product comes from a seawater fish, then it will need to go through some process to preserve its freshness. Now let us go through the entire process which required in making this frozen tuna fish roe product.
First tuna fish which caught from the deep sea by the fishermen will be freeze then brought into the factory to process it further. In the factory tuna fish will be gutted, gilled and cleaned before processed further. After the tuna fish meat is cleaned, and then it will be cut and separated to make different kinds of tuna fish product.
To make the tuna fish roe product, the factory will take the tuna roe along with its pouch. This tuna roe pouch will be distribute in several form that will be different form of tuna fish roe product. The first form is frozen form, to make this form the tuna roe pouch will be packed individually and frozen so it will still be fresh for a long time. The second form is preserved frozen tuna fish roe which often called as bottarga. This method of tuna fish roe pouch preservation is common in Spain and Italy area thus this bottarga is also considered as a delicacy in those area.
To make bottarga, only ripe tuna fish roe that can be used, to identify the ripe tuna fish roe you need to pay attention whether you can see the tuna fish roe directly or not. For the ripe tuna, you will be able to see the tuna fish egg inside the pouch and it will have uniform color. If the tuna fish egg is too watery, it can still be used even though the process will take longer time. But if you cannot see the tuna fish egg or if the size of the egg is too small then this tuna fish roe cannot be used.
The first process to make bottarga frozen tuna fish roe is to massage the tuna fish pouch to remove the air pockets inside. Then the tuna fish roe pouch is soaked inside saltwater for at least one night before being dried. To dry it the tuna fish roe pouch is placed on drying panel which will press on the roe pouch then the panel will be put under the sun for natural drying process. Since the process itself is natural, then it will need a long time to completely dry the tuna fish roe pouch. After the tuna fish roe pouch is dried, then it will be salted to preserve it. It will also still need to be dried under the sun while being salted to complete the preserving process.
This process will takes weeks to do which will also create the red color which bottarga is known for. In the end, you will get dried hard slab of bottarga frozen tuna fish roe product. Sometimes this product will be covered with special kind of beeswax which will then be called as bottarga sausage tuna fish roe product. The beeswax which applied on the bottarga will give it shiny appearance. To consume this bottarga tuna fish roe product, you can slice them or grate them and sprinkle it in your dish.
The frozen tuna fish roe is usually made using many species of tuna such as yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna and big eye tuna which have large roe pouch.

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