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Frozen Sardines Bait for Your Successful Fishing Catch

Frozen sardines bait can be used to lure almost many kind of living predator fish in the freshwater. Using sardine as fishing lure will be one of the cheapest alternatives to have than buying artificial lure. Sardine is a small fish with high oil content and strong smell that can effectively attract larger predatory fish.
Actually, there are two types of sardine bait which you can use, the first one is living sardine bait and second one is non-living sardine bait which in this case is frozen sardine fish used as the hook lure. Living sardine is usually used by anglers to catch variety of fish while freshwater fishermen like to use non-living sardines by cut the frozen sardines bait into fillets, chunks, or use leftover parts as cures.
How to buy frozen sardines bait and prepare them as effective lures
First you need to purchase frozen sardines fish at grocery stores or supermarkets. Although it is best to use fresh sardine, but if you can find frozen sardine that has just been caught then it is okay, but please pay attention to these guides when you want to purchase frozen sardines bait product, such as:
-          First, when you get to the local grocery stores ask the staff when the sardine fish is caught so you will get the freshest sardine bait.
-          Check the frozen fish, if the fish has clean and bright eyes plus there is small drop of blood on them then the fish still in good condition and isn’t frozen long.
-          Buy frozen fish with 8 to 9 inches long because it is an ideal size to be used as sardines bait and cut into fillets or chunks.
After you are done following above guides and purchase the frozen sardine fish, it is the time you prepare them with several methods:
1.      Use them as a whole
The simplest way to use frozen sardines bait is by use the fish as a whole. However, you should ensure that line weight matches with the size of the fish.
2.      Filleting
To make frozen sardine as lure, you can cut it into two equal sizes of fillets. If there are any leftover parts such as the bones, tail, and head, you can use them too as fishing lure so do not toss away the waste parts.
3.      Chunks
You can use sharp knife or scissor to cut the frozen fish into 4-inch chunks. As an effective frozen sardines bait, chunks will work better than fillets without disturbing your line when there is fish bite the hook lure. Place your knife on the spine and then cut it all the way from there to the tail, after that cut into chunks. When using the chunks, you should ensure that each chunk secured perfectly on the hook. You can use Miracle Thread to wrap the chunk tightly. When there is fish with superior striking action take the lure, the chunks will not detached easily.
4.      Scrapes
The scrapes are leftover from the frozen sardines bait when you cut it into fillets and chunks; they will be work well as fishing baits so no problem by using waste parts of sardine fish. You can simply bait your line with the tail, head, and bones or just use the head if you do not want to remove the bones or you do not want to come across with damaged thin tail.
5.      Curing
Sometime the frozen sardine fish that you purchased have too soft to be used as fishing lure. This is why before you attach it into your hook, you can curing the fish first. You just need to take a bowl and then pour salt water (brine) into it, after that place the frozen fish into the bowl overnight inside refrigerator. The fish will be thawed as well and ready to be used.
Since sardine fish is seriously smelly, when you process or use the frozen sardines bait, you may want to wear gloves to prevent the scent remain on your hands. When handling the fish, wear pair of rubber gloves so you are not directly touching them. Moreover, if you still want to use artificial lures then try to slip a fillet or chunk to add some scent.

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