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Frozen Catfish Head ingredient for Stew Restaurant Business

If you have a stew restaurant, then you might want to get supplier to give you frozen catfish head which you can use as ingredient. Catfish head stew is actually very delicious and easy to create. That is why there are many people that love this food thus you may be able to create a stew restaurant. Of course, you can create many kind of stew in your restaurant, so the restaurant can have different kind of stew variation. By having more stew variation in your restaurant, then there will be more customers that come to your stew restaurant.

Stew Restaurant Business Using Frozen Catfish Head Ingredient
However, do not forget that your main dish should be the catfish head stew since more people love this menu. So most people that comes to your stew restaurant, they actually comes to eat the catfish head stew menu. Of course, you should also make sure that the catfish head stew in your restaurant has high quality and delicious. Thus the frozen catfish head which used as ingredient to create the stew should also have high quality. That is why; you should search a supplier that can give you that high quality product.
And of course, you should also learn how to make sure that your supplier can give you that high quality product. Even though there are many way which you can use to make sure that your catfish supplier can give you that high quality product, one of the easiest way is to see how they create their product. By learning the production that they do to create their product, then you will know more about the process and quality of the product itself. Now let us see how the supplier create frozen catfish head product in their factory.
In creating this product, the supplier will need to have the catfish which going to be use as the raw material. Then to make sure that the raw material which they going to use also have high quality, they do not purchase it from other factory. Instead they will have their own catfish farm which able to give them the catfish which they going to use as raw material. This surely shows that the supplier really want to create the best frozen catfish head product, thus you can trust this supplier and you can use their product in your stew restaurant as the ingredient.
In the farm they will raise the catfish since it still in the egg form. In fact, they will even choose the breeding fish which will lay the eggs to make sure the eggs also comes from high quality fish source. Then they will take the eggs into another area to be raised. In the first area the egg will be hatched which will turn them into small sac fry. They will still be raised inside this first area until they will turn into fingerling. Afterwards they will be move to the raised in other area.
The second area is larger since this is the area where the catfish will be raised. The catfish that will be raised in this area will eventually grow into five or even around seven inches, this fish size surely need larger area to be raised. But of course, it will take around two years for the fingerling to grow that large, thus they will stay quite long time inside this second area. During their stay, they will be feed with special food which able to give them all the catfish nutrition that they need while being raised inside the area. Once the catfish grow and have enough weight then it will be harvest to create the frozen catfish head product.
Creating the product itself is actually very easy. The supplier only need to take the catfish head which usually done in cleaning process. While the other parts of the catfish can be use to make other product variation, the supplier does not need to do any other process to create this product. They only need to pack that catfish’s head then freeze the product using super cold temperature. Then the product is ready to be send into your stew restaurant, thus you can use the frozen catfish head product to create the stew that you will sell to your customer later.

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