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4 Different Types of Sardine Processing Machine

Sardine processing machine consist of several machineries to help process the fish in proper manners so good end result can be achieved. Fish canning process for example, it is a complex task to be handled by human and this is why nowadays many manufacturers or factories depend on the processing machine to help the process so they can save time and money. Of course not all the processing step can be handled alone by machines; there are certain processes that still need to be operated by humans. However, we would like to describe and share what kind of machines required to process seafood products especially the one that used for sardine canning processing machine.
Kinds of sardine processing machine used for canning procedure
To put it simply, there are 4 kinds of sardine processing machine required for canning procedure, such as:
-          Grading machine
-          Nobbing machine
-          Flash cookers
-          Smoking ovens
Now, for the explanation:
1.      Sardine grading machine is used to separate or sort out the fish according to their size. Generally the machine will sorted out the fish into 4 different grades or more depending on the needs. The sardine fish will go through the machine and then passed down into four wide gaps according to their sizes. There are water spray to help cleaning and passing down the sardine fish easily. The fish that has been graded and pass down the tracks or rollers will go to either stored bins or conveyor belts to go to the next processing step.
2.      Sardine nobbing processing machine has wide range selection which is the one that help to remove the heads, tails, and guts of the sardine fish as well as the machine that help to automatically packed the nobbed sardine fish into the cans/ tins. This fish need to be operated manually by three to five operators, but there is also nobbing machine that can be handled with one supervisor only. The machine has sharp knife for heads and tails removal without cutting the throat. Fortunately that the machine can be set as well to keep the tails on.
3.      The flash cookers machine is practically used to cook and dry sardine fish already in uncovered cans. There are 2 systems available with similar operation mode to conduct such task. First, the cans are passed to the heating section where the sardine fish are cooked and then the fish still need to go through draining process. This best sardine processing machine has really high capacities since generally it can handle about 10.000 filled cans every hour. The fish is pre-cooked first and then the cans are drained for only few minutes before going through the next process.
4.      Smoking ovens
Some manufacturers like to process the sardine fish with either continuous or batch system. To handle this process, the machine has drying room in which hot air (usually around 40 degrees Celsius) being drawn. The smoking section can be a batch where trolleys are loaded with fish or automatic procedure which the fish are smoked and dried through a room or chamber. To choose which one of the system that likely being used by the manufacturers then it is all depend on the requirement and time saving.
Actually there are still many types of sardine processing machine, however they are all needed to help the work done easier and faster. General fishing process machineries are:
-          Brining machines
-          Crateless batch retorts
-          Sealing machines
-          Exhaust boxes
-          Standard batch retorts
-          Batch retorts
-          Retorting systems
-          Hydrostatic retorts
Of course handling the machine always need at least a supervisor to ensure that the machine smoothly done all the jobs without errors. Meanwhile, buying sardine processing machine required many considerations because it is all not only about how much the cost to spend purchasing those technologies, but also it is depend on the quantities factors. That’s why, you need to take these into account when buying good quality sardine processing machine:
-          Ensure the safety and the durability
-          Pick the processing machine which can handle your quantity production or at least just buy the one with high capacities.
-          Required low energy or power to operate the machine
-          The production costs, and many more
Hope above information can help to understand about sardine processing machine in today’s fishing industry.

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