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Sardine in Vegetable Oil Product Benefits

Sardine in vegetable oil are said to offer rich protein than steak, more calcium than milk, more iron than cooked spinach, and more potassium than bananas. Surprisingly, sardines are also low in calories and fats being a good diet menu and dishes. In addition, there are no worries about the methyl mercury content in the sardines as long as you do not excess consume the fish and since most of sardines are smaller in size than other larger predatory fishes such as tuna, they are bring lower mercury content. Sardine that is canned in oil such as vegetable oil can be used for many recipes and they also give heart healthy nutrition.
Nutrition facts of sardine in vegetable oil
The truth is sardine in vegetable oil nutrition facts are different from one brand to another, especially if you buy different servings. That’s why when you buying canned sardine in oil, you should check and compare the nutrition facts for the first before paying them. Some people prefer to have sardine in water than sardine in oil due to the high calories and fats; level however sardines in vegetable oil offer more nutrition as well. The weakness is when you drained off the oil/ liquid, it will leach away the natural omega 3 fatty acids of the sardines so you will get lower omega 3 than the mentioned label.
Here are some facts about nutrition of sardine in vegetable oil product for 100 grams of serving:
-          Energy: 909kJ (218kcal)
-          Protein: 23g
-          Fiber: 0g
-          Saturated: 2.9g
-          Unsaturated: 4.9g
Canned sardine in oil is one of the most famous exported and imported products along with canned tuna. If you make some tuna recipes, you can even replace the tuna with canned sardines for stronger flavor or if you already bored with the recipes and want to have different unique taste. You can start to experiment more with sardines in the recipes. Sardines in vegetable oil are good for recipe such as salad due the oily and firm texture. You can also make a sardine soup since the fish is a great addition for excellent and healthy soup recipes.
You can experiment with sardine fish in order to get the advantage of their impressive benefits such as to improve brain function, boosting heart health, reduce inflammation, prevent against cancer, and to fill nutrient that required for your body.
This is the benefits of eating sardines that you can get:
-          Protect bone health
-          Control inflammation and risk of disease
-          It can defend against mood disorders
-          Control blood sugar levels
-          Packed with minerals and vitamins
-          Sustainable and least contaminated
-          It can promote weight loss
Sardines can be consumed from fresh, grilled, broiled, and roasted. However, most of people often purchase sardine in vegetable oil and water because they are available widely at grocery stores or food markets. Sardines are quick to spoil and thus when sardines are caught freshly, they directly and immediately being canned to prevent the fish going bad.
This is important that you purchase sardines product that are wildly caught instead of processed from fishing farm. This is because wildly caught sardines fish are bring more nutrition than farmed sardines and not to mention farmed sardines gain more toxins. Please take a note that sardines or any fishes raised in farm get contaminated from pesticide, injection, and antibiotics being used and plus most of the fish being feed by unnatural diet grain.
When buying sardines that are canned, make sure that they are no leaked lids or cans or any damages. Next, when purchase sardine in vegetable oil, you need to check the date although sardines that being canned can last for years, but it is always best to check the expired date just to be sure.
After you buy canned sardine fish, store them at dry and cool place such as your kitchen cabinets and it is better to use the sardine within few months after you buy it. If you want to once in awhile eating fresh sardine instead of sardine in vegetable oil tin fish, then buy the one that are shiny with fresh ocean smell. Check the appearance as well as ask the fishmonger to remove the internal organs.

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