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Milkfish Frozen Diet Seafood Products

Milkfish frozen product is a famous seafood product both in Indonesia and Philippines, however they are distributed worldwide to various countries as exported goods. Milkfish also known as bandeng or bangus have silver-colored body and mostly found Indian Ocean and across Pacific Ocean. It has almost white flesh with mild flavor and packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This is why including milkfish in diet is really recommended since it offers healthy benefits and to fill most of your nutrition intake. Milkfish can be cooked in various ways so it will be delicious as your diet meals.
Why milkfish frozen is good for your diet?
The best thing when you include milkfish frozen is that, you can get healthy benefits from its nutrition content such as omega 3, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B5, selenium, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and so on. All those nutrients useful to support most of your body functions and improve them, such as omega 3 to enhance good heart and brain development as well as protein to improve your immune system.
If you have weight loss diet, then to decrease the level of calories and fats, you need to cook the milkfish frozen seafood product with less cooking oil. There are many cooking methods that use small amount of cooking oil including broiling, grilling, baking, and steaming. The fish flavor prepared and cooked with such methods is delicious as much as pan fried. For important note, it is true that milk fish is good for your diet; however you should still limit the consumption because consuming too much seafood as well as any foods will lead to bad side effects.
How to purchase milkfish frozen fish?
Buying frozen milkfish is great and easy alternative if you do not have an access for good quality fresh milkfish. In fact, frozen fish in many cases is the best option to have especially related to availability, quality, and conveniently seafood. Truth to be told that there is no that cannot be frozen and frozen milkfish actually is a fresh fish that being frozen to prevent the fish spoil quickly so they are as good as fresh fish.
When the frozen milk fish comes from is important thing to know. As for today, Philippines and Indonesia are the major suppliers for milkfish and many manufacturers sourced their milkfish from either farm fishing or wildly caught. Frozen milk fish comes with wide range of seafood products such as fillets, whole round, gutted and headed (H&G), headed gutted tail-off (Hgt), boneless and skinless, smoked, and many more.
The disadvantages for consume milkfish is maybe related with the bones. Milkfish is known as bony fish and thus they have numerous bones that need to be removed before you consume it or otherwise you will end up incidentally swallow the bones. In Indonesia, there is milkfish product called “Bandeng Presto” which the milk fish is pressure cooked to soften the bones so people can consume the bones without feeling uncomfortable. If you do not have an expert skill to clean and remove the bones, you can buy such product. Some product even already seasoned to strengthen the flavors and thus you just need to cook it by frying, broiling, baking, grilling, etc.
Purchasing milkfish frozen needs to check several things before you really buy the fish, such as:
-          Frozen milkfish at grocery stores usually vacuum packaged to sucked out the air and then prevent the fish to spoil quickly. That’s why do not buy the fish when you see that the package is torn.
-          Avoid purchase fish with visible freezer burn or there is ice crystal on the inside of the plastic package and discoloration because that’s mean the fish is spoilage.
-          Touch the fish and make sure that the flesh still firm and does not flake easily.
It is important to purchase the freshest milkfish frozen and that’s why you can ask the market staff when they get the products. After you get your frozen fish, thaw the milkfish before you use it by store the fish in the coolest part of refrigerator or you can thaw the fish by soak it in a bowl of cold water and let it sit for few hours (let the fish still inside the package, it is okay to soak the fish still in the packaging).

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