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Sardine Fish Scientific Name List According Species

Sardine fish scientific name can be called with various titles depend on the types. Sardines are common names to refer numerous small and oily fish which belong to the Clupeidae family. The name sardine is first used long ago as early as 15th century in English and might be comes from Mediterranean island namely Sardinia where sardine once can be found very abundant. Sardines love to migrate from one place to another in large school. Sardines are one of the most important commercial fish in the fishing industry which usually sold as fresh, frozen, fillets, steaks, smoked, and canned.
Sardine fish scientific name according to the species
The terms sardines are used first time in English with scientific name Sardine Pilchardus to refer European pilchard. Other sardine fish scientific name as follows:
-          Sardinops sagax for South American pilchard
-          Sardinops melanostictus for Japanese pilchard
-          Sardinops caeruleus for Californian pilchard
-          Sardinops ocellatus for Southern African pilchard
-          Sardinella lemuru for Bali sardinella
-          Sardinella brasiliensis for Brazilian sardinella
-          Sardinella longiceps for Indian oil sardine
-          Sardinella aurita for Round sardinella
-          Sardinella gibbosa for Goldstripe sardinella
-          Sardinella maderensis for Madeiran sardinella
-          Dussumieria acuta for Rainbow sardine
Sardines are typically harvested with purse seine fishing method. The fish are caught mainly during night when they like to swim around in the surface when they like to feed on plankton. Sardines are sold for various utilities including seafood, oils, fish baits or lures, fish meal for animal feeds, and so on.
How to buy good sardines?
After you are learn about sardine fish scientific name, now it is the time to know about how to purchase or choose good high quality sardines fish. If it is your first time experience sardine taste then we recommend that you start it by taste canned light chunk sardine product, choose the one in olive oil instead of water since the oil seems to strengthen the flavor and thus improve the taste for everyone. Most of grocery stores place canned sardines along with other canned fish products such as canned tuna fish. You can bulk order them once a month to get cheaper price than buying them in small quantity every time you require it. Make sure that you buy canned sardine with BPA-free label and sustainable fishing method label.
Some ways to consume sardines fish
Sardines fish is a good heart healthy seafood meal to have since they offer omega 3 fatty acids and lean protein. Now after you know how good sardines fish, you may wonder the best ways to consume or eat sardines fish without gagging. Sardines can be enjoyed in various ways; you can mix the sardines in your salad. You can even replace the tuna fish that you love to eat in the salad with sardines once awhile. Other ways to enjoy sardines are make some delicious sardine sandwiches or pasta. They are great for quick and healthy breakfast and even children will enjoy the recipes.
-          You can serve the sardine on top of healthy crackers with some cheese sprinkles
-          If you want really quick breakfast then just simply eat the sardine straight out of the can with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
-          Serve the sardine with hot sauce and cottage cheese
-          Mix canned sardine fish with olives and chopped red onions
-          Serve with homemade dressing on sardine Caesar Salad
-          Serve with scramble eggs and sauces
-          Bake the sardines with spices, onions, and eggs
-          Mash the sardines into half of an avocado then add fresh lemon
-          Replace the tuna in ‘tuna salad’ with sardines and serve with mustard, homemade mayo, and pickles
Some cautions about eating or consuming sardine fish
Even though sardines are delicious fish to have in many recipes, but there is some caution which you need to know before eating too much sardines. First, sardine does have some risk when over consumed due to the mercury. Fortunately, the amount of mercury level is lower than other types of fish such as tuna and salmon. Recent suggestion is that pregnant and nursing women need to limit their sardine fish consumption about 1 to 2 times per week only in moderate amount.
Hope all these information about sardine fish scientific name and how deliciously eating sardines useful for you.

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