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Frozen Sardine Morocco How to Buy and Thawing

Frozen sardine Morocco is a nice alternative for fresh sardine when you cannot find a good one. Frozen sardine from Morocco can be purchased as whole round, steak, or fillet. Which one is your preference does not matter because the important thing is you should know how to prepare them before cooking the sardine meat. With a proper thawing process, the sardine can be defrosted easily and then they are ready to be cooked with additional ingredients and herbs to strengthen the flavor. Eating frozen fish is nothing wrong because they are originally fresh sardine fish that being freezed to retain the right texture and the good flavor as well as prevent the fish being contaminated by bacteria.

How to thaw frozen sardine Morocco in a correct ways?
Frozen sardine Morocco packages can be sold in different forms, some of them are with bones while other already gutted and boned so the consumer do not need to clean and remove the bones, guts, and head. The fish are frozeed immediately after harvested or when they arrive at the port to keep them in good condition as quick as possible.
When you buy frozen sardine, it is better to check the package first because if there is any damages such as torn or ripped then do not buy the frozen fish. Moreover, if you purchase frozen sardine Morocco whole round, you need to check the appearance plus the texture. The fish should have clear and bright eyes with firm texture and no off-smell although they are smelled a bit fishy, but the fishy smell is not that weird.
In addition, before you cook the frozen sardine Morocco, you should thaw the frozen sardine properly; this will make the frozen sardine better in texture and taste. The simplest way to defrost the sardine is by store the fish into refrigerator, but if you want to use the frozen fish right away then you can thaw the meat in a bowl full of cold water. Here are the tips that you want to follow when you needed to defrost the sardine:
1.      Thawing the frozen sardine in refrigerator
Buy a good high quality of frozen sardine in Morocco and ensure the package is sealed tightly. The fish is packaged in a plastic that is not crushed or torn. In addition, purchase the sea food which is perfectly frozen and not partially thawed. Avoid purchase a frozen fish that have ice crystal or frosted inside the package on the fish since that’s mean the fish has been stored for a long time which mean that the sardine is not good to be eaten.
2.      Place the sardine fish inside the refrigerator and let it sit overnight to defrost the fish gradually. The night before you want to cook the fish, you should keep the meat inside refrigerator so it will slowly melt the fish. The best thawing process at home is to put the fish inside refrigerator and while the sardine stay in cool temperature, you also allowing it to thaw totally. Thawing frozen fish need several hours and thus do not be tempted to place the fish on the counter because it will make the outer part spoilage before the inside being defrosted. You can try another way.
3.      After you let the frozen sardine Morocco best product inside the refrigerator. The next day, check the thawed fish and it should have a good texture with a smell just like fresh sardine. Maybe the thawed meat does not have perfectly similar freshest smell and texture, but the fish should not be molted or have weird discoloration. Sniff the fish and if the meat smells decayed or too fishy then it is no longer usable. Indeed that thawed sardine has fishy smell; however they will not have off putting smell.
Finally, after you thawing the frozen sardine Morocco, you can cook them with your favorite recipe. Thawed sardine can be used to replace fresh sardine recipe and it should be fine. You need to cook the sardine in the right temperature and since sardine is small in size, the sardine cooked quickly and you can check it by the firm and flaky appearance of the fish. If you out of time, you can place the sardine inside a bowl with cold water and let it sit for few hours, no longer than thawing process in refrigerator.

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