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How to Use Live and Non-Live Sardine Lure Tips

Sardine lure or bait can be used effectively to catch many types of living fish. Almost all species of saltwater predators like steelhead and salmon will bite sardine. As a fisherman or anglers, you can use live sardine as simple lure or wrap the sardine around plug lure in forms of chunking, filleting or brining. Both of the methods will successfully bait your hooks. So there are two types of sardine lure bait which you can use:
-          Live sardine lure
Since sardine is a living saltwater fish that attracts many kinds of predators easily, you may want to use it live as the lure. If you want to use live sardine then you should collect a bunch of living sardines by throwing a net into the water and when you are be able to get plenty of sardine fish, you need to keep them alive with constant fresh seawater and plenty of aeration.
-          Non-live sardine bait
Sardine fish is suitable as freshwater fishing; however you cannot use them as living bait. You can simply catch live sardine and then use it non-live or buy frozen sardine fish at grocery stores. But, ensure that the frozen sardine you buy is as fresh as possible by check on the eyes. If the eyes show clear and bright appearance plus there is small drop of blood on it then the sardine has just been caught. You also need to ask the market staff whether the fish is flash frozen because it is an effective way to freeze something and prevent tissue damage in the sardine fish. Next, you can use the sardine as a whole or cut the fish into chunks or fillets.

How to use non-live sardine lure/ bait?
When you choosing sardine fish as non-live sardine bait, pick the one with 8 to 9 inches long because it is an ideal size to be sliced into fillets, chunks, or scrapping. Now, you need to learn how to use non-live sardine lure with these simple guides:
-          Make it into chunks:
Use a scissor or sharp knife to cut the fish into 4 inches long chunks start from the spine all the way to the fish tail, after that cut into chunks from that part. Why chunks sardine better be your first choice? Because chunks will work well than fillets since the fish can bite the sardine on the hook quickly without disturbing your line and/or before you have a chance to take back your line from the water. Use Miracle Thread to secure the chunk on the hook by wrap the thread around the chunk but do not forget to leave the fish hook point slightly exposed.
-          Make it into fillets:
The second option is to make sardine lure fillets; you just need to cut the sardine into two equal sized of fillet with sharp knife. You can also use the waste parts such as the head, tail, and bones from the filleting process as fishing bait as well.
-          Make it into small scrape:
Just like we already mentioned before, the scrap parts or the waste parts left from cutting sardine into chunks or fillets can be treated as non-living bait and they are work very well. You can use the head, tail, or the bones of the sardine. You can also use only the head if you do not want to cut out the bones or damaged thin tail.
Curing process is needed when you think the sardine flesh is too soft to be used. You can cure the fish into brine (salt water). Commercially or homemade brine are both will work well to cure the sardine and then place the sardine in a whole or fillets inside a bowl of salt water, it is not necessary to submerge them. After that store the sardine in the refrigerator overnight to strengthen the flesh so the fish tough enough to stay on the fishing hook. You can also mix the salt water with Pro-Cure Sardine oil to make the smell stronger and thus increase the potential of strike for your sardine lure.
One of the difficulties of using sardine lure as bait is that other smaller fishes will be attracted as well and then they will pick on your lure. That’s why you can use chunks, or even the head or bones only to avoid this problem instead of using fillets.

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