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Sardine Shape Unique Characteristic

Sardine shape is small with flat body covered silvery, reflective, and large scales. Uniquely, in the middle of their belly there are scutes which are known as a set of specialized scales. Sardine fish is in fact a name for numerous types of small pelagic fish and although many species of sardines mostly found in Indonesia, Japan, India, and China, but a single sardine fish species dominate areas around California coast and English Channel.

Sardine is an oily fish that like to swim in warm or tropical water however they can also swill as far north as Norway. They like to migrate in large school from one place to another to find warmer waters during cold months. Average sardine fish that you likely to encounter in markets have tiny body with small teeth to no teeth at all. Moreover, they like to swim near the water surface and that’s why many people like to sport fishing sardines. Sardine is an abundant fish and during summer or spring they like to spawn. The young sardines like to come to shore to find some food; they usually feed on plant plankton while mature sardines prefer to eat animal plankton. Meanwhile, all species of sardines are prey for larger predatory fish and not to mention sardine fish like to be caught not only for seafood products, but also for lures or baits to catch other fish.
Irregular sardine shape characteristics
Sardine is a popular fish for centuries with its irregular flat body sardine shape and numerous scales. However, due the offensive smell, some people like to avoid eating the fish and fresh sardine is quick to spoilage as well. Sardine is smaller and shorter compared with other types of fish. In England, sardines can also being called as young pilchard. Surprisingly, some site mentioned that there are 21 species that can be called as sardines.
Sardine size is various from one year to another depending on the current year class of the fish. However, sardines that mostly caught by purse seine fishing method are usually range from 10 cm to 20 cm in size, but can growing up to 25 cm and usually the smaller size processed into cans product. Sardines fish is abundant and this is why they are caught in tons every year as several utilities including seafood product, lures/ baits, animal’s food, oils, and many more.
Sardine fish, little but it is actually a nicest seafood
Just like the subtitle, although many people like to avoid eating sardine due to the strong smell, however once you know how to cook it, sardine offensive smell can be reduced. It is true that sardines are sometime considered to have weak flesh that easy to spoilage and crumple. And maybe that’s also the reason of why people prefer to have another type of fish. But, if you know how to maintain sardine freshness, surely you will like its taste. Even sardines fish can be used to replace other fish in certain recipes and it is recommended as well since sardines are low in mercury.
It is natural that rot fish will not have a great taste to try so to retain the freshness of the sardines, you need to freeze the sardine by prepare a cooler box and then fill it with ice cubes. If you want to store the sardine fish freshness for longer days then you may want to freeze it by place the sardine in airtight plastic and then keep it inside freezer. But, it is recommended that if you want to get the best taste, you need to use the sardine as soon as possible.
After we all know about sardine shape characteristic and how to maintain its freshness. You also need to understand about the habituality of the sardine fish. Maybe you do not know yet but sardine likes to peel off their own scales especially when they are threatened by the enemies or other marine creatures. They like to drop off their scales to black out the predators. Of course that sardines which lost its scales are weaker and in hurt and thus they easily die then spoil. That’s why you may notice that sardine shape sold in markets usually do not have scales or few scales since they remove their scales when caught by the fishing net.

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